Pasting into lyrics clears clipboard buffer.

• Oct 22, 2019 - 03:24

If you copy a character into the Windows clipboard and then paste it into MuseScore lyrics, the character gets deleted from the clipboard buffer when you paste. You have to find, select and copy the character back into the buffer before it's available to paste the next time you want to use it. This gets tedious.

Edited to add: MuseScore, Windows 10 Home Edition version 1903.


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I've encountered it with two different characters: the right single quotation mark (which I prefer to the default single quotation mark for apostrophes in most fonts) and the undertie character (for syllable elision in, e.g., Spanish lyrics). I've seen the instructions on how to add underties the recommended way in MuseScore and I must say it looks like even more work than reselecting and copying the underscore to the clipboard every time I want to insert one, they way I've been doing.

I wasn't aware of the feature you mention, but having read that page I have no doubt that that's the cause of my difficulty. It looks useful and I may avail myself of it someday, but do you suppose the developers would consider an option to turn that behavior off for when we're not using it?

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Feel free to submit an official Suggestion tot he Issue tracker.

Meanwhile, though, if I understand what you are doing correctly, there's a much easier way. Simply drag from the Special Characters palette to the Text palette (or any other palette - this process is now dead simple with 3.3). Now you can apply the characters any time you like with just a double click.

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