how to fade out?

• Oct 22, 2019 - 15:22

hello guys,

how can I fade out my music in 3.1? I cant read notes.. so I dont have the music knowledge, still im writing music
can someone show me a picture how I can set the "fade out"? would be very nice


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A fade out usually consists of repeating a phrase while decrescendoing to nothing. The repeat with a continuing decresendo will not play back properly in MuseScore so write a repeat to show what is repeated with text indicating a fade out and your musicians will know what to do with it.

For playback of a fadeout, you can use a decrescendo. See:

If it's a musical phrase (e.g., a few bars) that repeats during the fade out, you notate all the repeated bars.
Have a listen to this example:
4 Bar Fade Out.mscz

Also, see:
to edit the velocity (volume) of a dynamic.

You can fine tune the velocity of note(s) in the Inspector:

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