Automatice git dependencies update with git submodules

• Oct 25, 2019 - 04:59

Is there any reason why dependencies in the musescore git repo are not treated as submodules?\
If I understand well this stackoverflow post, we could have the campania font (just an example) updated automatically whenever there's an update to the original font's repo.
That would preserve from all the 'update campania to version 2.006' commits.

I guess that even dependencies like libVorbis, libOgg and libVorbisFile could be collected the same way?

Edit: this old post about dependencies has some interesting answers, but nothing about the named mechanism.

Edit: An applied example:


That would preserve from all the 'update campania to version 2.006' commits.
Except for that it wouldn't.

A submodule is still linked to a specific commit on the other repository; so you still need someone to pull in the changes and commit that into the parent repository (so equally an 'update x to version y' commit). The only difference now being that anyone else updating/rebasing/pulling your parent repository doesn't automatically also actually receive the newly referenced submodule.
They need to explicitly run an additional update command for that.

To me, this sounds as a loss rather than a win.

Won't work for anything in the dependencies folder, as there we use the pre-build binaries, and git would only pull sources, which we'd then have to compile. For that font it might be different, being 'binary' already in the repository, similar for soundfonts, but see jeetee's remark above.
It may work for stuff in thirdparty and actually is being used for thirdparty/libcrashreporter-qt.

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