V. 3.2.3: Rhythm mode for melodic and percussion staff not consistent.

• Oct 26, 2019 - 01:16

With a melodic staff (e.g., five line), rhythm input mode causes the cursor to move forward after entering a note value using a number shortcut only when the previous element is a note, not a rest. Shouldn't the cursor move forward to the next position whether a rest or note value is entered, not just when the previous element is a note? With a non-melodic percussion staff (e.g., single line), the cursor remains still, does not proceed, whether one is following a note or rest. In other-words, automatic cursor forwarding in rhythm mode doesn't seem to work at all with percussion staffs, which defeats the purpose of rhythm mode, no?


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I would like to enter the rhythm first using Rhythm Mode and then "re-pitch" the note to the desired instrument in the drumset using Repitch mode, following the Rhythm than Repitch sequence similar to scoring melodic instruments. Why have Rhythm Mode available as an option for percussion instruments if it does nothing?

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One reason is that [Rhythm Input] of percussion instruments of pitched type function fine. As for disabling it for unpitched percussion, you can request on the issue tracker that a programmer implement a disabling for unpitched instruments if you'd like, and maybe also request to disable re-pitch for unpitched percussion, as that is illogical.

Either way, be careful since [A-G] in normal note entry is different than [A-G] in re-pitch mode on a non-pitched instrument. The shortcut of a drum-map to the letter "E" is distinct from "E" as a pitch which is entered by pressing E on the keyboard, since re-pitch currently functions as the "pitch" and not the "unpitched" drum-mapping.

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