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• Oct 26, 2019 - 03:18

I'm trying to write a big band chart, and i really need a turn from the trombone section, but the only turns are classical style "S" looking turns that sit above the note. It'd be cool to all the jazz composers and arrangers to be able to have the upside down "V" looking turn that links two notes together and create authentic looking charts


I think I can picture the type of symbol you mean, probably the best way to get it is draw one yourself, san it, and paste it in as a graphic. You can then add it to your palette for future use. We use the standard SMuFL definition for music fonts, and I don't think it includes such a character.

I believe this is what you are looking for?
download (4).jpeg

This actually exists in Musescore... sort of.

What I mean is that the symbol actually exist in the Master Palette, but it is only available in Bravura.
Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 7.22.19 PM.png
This really doesn't look the same at all compared to how it should be represented stylistically in a proper jazz font.

Since this behavior already exists in Musescore, and the Master Palette does have the ability to toggle through different fonts (see below) it seems that it would not be difficult to implement and could likely be done with little or no new development (assuming that the change font behavior works properly in the Master Palette... no way to tell as all symbols default to Bravura).
Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 7.25.44 PM.png

To the point, it seems that the Musejazz notation font simply needs to be updated to support a wider range of articulations, which can be available in the palette.

This issue actually gets me thinking that there could be very clear benefit to developing a Musejazz extension similar to Musescore Drumline. It would customize the workspace for jazz writing and have an extended set of templates for jazz ensembles.

Hmm... I actually think I am going to work on this. :-)

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I don't understand - consistency with what? I'd like the symbol available to all users, not only those who install an optional extension. So to me, that is more consistent. I am not understanding your concern at all. What makes MsueJazz different in your eyes from any other part of the MuseScore code base?

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Ok, that does make sense. But whether the work is done by That designer or someone else, I’d still expect it made available to all users by default. An extension is a fine place for additional rent fonts, new soundfonts, new templates etc, but we should have different versions of a basic preinstalled font for different users.

Hi! A little late, but if it's still relevant here's how I do it:

I go into master palette, symbols and then Brass techniques.

I choose two different symbols and combine them as in the picture.

It's the closest I can get anyway.
Hope it helps :)

Turn musescore.png

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You may wish to address your request to the people in charge of the SMuFL standard, then - they are the people who define the symbols used in music fonts. Do a web search on that term to find more information. Once it is in SMuFL, it will be available to MuseScore automatically.

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