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• Oct 26, 2019 - 20:38

sorry for so many inquiries. can't find this in handbook: how do i delete an unused or unwanted score?


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As long as the score is on your computer, the score will remain in the start center until enough scores have been opened so it falls off of the list. If you really want to delete it, you must use the file manager for your computer rather than MuseScore. Once the file is deleted from your computer, it will no longer appear in the start center.

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Think of the computer as a huge filing cabinet. It can store spreadsheets, pictures, audio files, videos, MuseScore compositions, e-books, etc. All such different types of 'content' are created and/or manipulated by the various installed software applications.
The 'content' files are not "on the app" as you say, but rather are located in folder(s) that an app accesses when loading, editing, and saving file(s).
Deleting any type of file is such a universally generic task that it falls under 'computer help' rather than 'MuseScore help'.

See, for example:

To continue...
The computer's recycle bin icon fills with the discarded files - similar to using an actual filing cabinet and trash can.
But first, you must locate the drawer (in the filing cabinet) or the folder (on the computer) to find the file you wish to discard.
The MuseScore folder which contains your scores is specified here:
(This much is in the handbook.)

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