Why can I not make my bass drum rim clicks an "x" notehead?

• Nov 2, 2019 - 16:47

The bass drum rim clicks in MuseScore (latest version) show up as regular noteheads as opposed to the "x" shape as they should be. The inspector doesn't allow me to change it. Ive never had this problem before.

Also, bass drum unison hits don't show up as the slash notehead as they should.


To customize the display of individual drum notes, use the "Edit drumset" button. See the Handbook under "Drum notation" for further information. This is unchanged from previous versions - the Inspector works for normal notation, but drumset notation is special and uses the drumset editor.

As for how things "should" display, different publishers use different standards. MuseScore follows one common one, but the drumset editor is there because we recognize that some people prefer other standards. Note also there is the optional "MDL" extension that defines quite a few different drum instruments with their own special notation standards.

I will check this.

Can you try deleting MDL. Revert to factory settings (Help > Revert to Factory Settings) and then reinstalling MDL. Let me know if this resolved or not.

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