Support for pivot chords in roman numerals

• Nov 3, 2019 - 15:57

After comparing campania with finale's roman numeral analysis, I realised that
1) The campania font isway more intuitive than finale's method, but that's not what the issue is about;
2) I couldn't find an example for pivot chords in campania. Looking at the way pivot chords are implemented in finale:
So, would adding support for pivot chords in campania be more complicated than adding these symbols and some kerning?

BTW, your work is awesome Marc, even though you keep saying you "stole" the concept from Florian Kretlow and his Figurato, it is still the most awesome font I've ever seen.

EDIT: Should that issue belong to the github issues for the font?

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finalepivotchords.PNG 14.53 KB
finalepivotchordssymbols.PNG 1.05 KB


Thanks for the comments! Yes, I'd like to figure out a good way to add those symbols. Currently my expectation is people would just add these symbols separately. And sure, go ahead and make the request over on github too, but here is probably a better place as far as generating discussion as to how it might best work.

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