Barlines disappear

• Nov 4, 2019 - 12:35

When pasting either copy or cut and paste, the barlines disappear. There still re-appear from saved. Sometimes when saving, barlines disappear.
Hadley :)


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Attach a score and give precise instructions on how to reproduce the problem. This sounds similar to what someone else reported. We asked for precise steps to recreate the problem. This was in a symphonic score with at least 15 instruments and his instructions were Edit the barline in measure 4. We need better instructions than that. How did he edit the barline and which of the 15 barlines did he edit? I tell you this so you will have an example. We want to either fix the problem, but we can't without knowing what the root of the problem is.

Since there are multiple methods do do most things, like change a note duration or change the span of a barline, tell us which method you are using.

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Can you give more precise steps to reproduce? Here's why I tried:

1) select measure 5, bottom staff (first empty measure I saw)
2) press N to enter note input mode
3) type C to enter a C
4) Esc to exit note input mode
5) Ctrl+S to save

Nothing went wrong that I can - all barlines present remain so.

As for pressing 7, it's normal that you are supposed to enter note input mode before selecting a duration. So while it's not clear what you are saying, it doesn't seem like anything that should be unexpected.

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If you mean the new feature where you don't always need to press "N" to enter note input mode, the deal is that pressing a duration key only does that automatically if nothing is selected. If you click somewhere first, the duration keys don't put you in node input mode. If you click a single note then press a duration key, it changes the duration of that note, same as always. If you select something else, nothing currently happens when you press the duration key. This may change in the future.

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