Title page/ front page for scores.

• Nov 4, 2019 - 17:05

Maybe it is already a feature that I just haven't worked out yet but when I am creating scores or re-writing something out to fit in with an ensemble I always like to have a front page/cover page at the beginning, so its like a book or a professional score.
I have been and know that I can just create one on word but for convenience it would be nice if I could just print one file rather than having to print a separate front cover.
I often have a blank page at the front of the score any way as the system wont fit in with the tile. The issue with making this the title page with the current programming is that when you then create the parts you have all the extra wording and (if you can work it out {I did once but never again}) a picture on the parts.

If I'm the only one who thinks this is a good idea then fine but I think it would add a little something to the programme.
By the way I love the programme!!!


I think the main problem is with frames being linked by default between score and parts.

If it would be possible to "mark" a frame as non-linked, so that it would not be generated in parts and/or it could be removed from part(s) without being removed from the score, the solution would be easy: just add a non-linked, whole-page vertical frame at the beginning of the score and fill it with several separate texts for the title, the subtitle, the composer, the instrumentation, &c...

Removing the frame from a part would remove all the texts it contains in a single action. Sure, the deletion should be repeated for each part, but compared with the time it takes to write each part down and to format its separate part, this is a very tiny addition.

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Ability to control linking is high on my list of wants. There are some aspects of this that would be quite problematic to implement, though. I suspect unlinked frames would not be too difficult, but still, we'd want to come up with an interface to the feature that had some chance of being able to be extended to other element types, so we would want to look at the big picture.

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I feel like on a previous software (cant remember which one but it was awful) I used to create a title page/ front cover by just ticking a box that created a separate page that wasn't linked to any of the parts and you could put what ever you wanted on it without it being attached to parts.
I must admit I am no computer whizz so I don't know how easy/hard that would be to programme.

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