key signatures self made, different each stave

• Nov 4, 2019 - 20:04

hello,a key signature b b different for staves as in jpg. It is either all or nothing ?b=e b,da,cg, key sign.jpg keysig2.jpg
all do it all manually for each note


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.from further down, so....
....f you are creating an exercise where you expect the student to place accidentals on notes to indicate they should be played as Bb in spite of the key signature, there is a way to make the score ignore the key signature. Create a custom key signature (press shift+k for the custom key signature palette) that looks the same as (for example) your G minor key signature. Custom key signatures do not affect notes. Their are a lot of people who would like to see this changed, so it's possible at some point in the future this will no longer work.



I'm not understanding why you are creating a custom key signature here. That image appears to show a perfectly ordinary change from G major / E minor to Bb major / G minor.

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I'm wondering if maybe you were thinking you needed to create a custom key signature to get the natural sign to show up. But you don't - MuseScore handles that automatically. And it even gives you control over how and where those natural signs show up - see Format / Style / Accidentals.

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