tenor clef (octave down) and soprano clef side by side at start of unison section

• Nov 8, 2019 - 07:32

I have a piece of music with a unison section, sung by sopranos and tenors.
The tenor part is to be sung an octave down, represented by the normal tenor clef with an '8' underneath;
the soprano part by the normal tenor clef.
This is usually represnted by having the two different clefs side-by-side at the start of the stave, so avoiding having a separate stave for each voice.
Can this be achieved in Musescore?


No. Use a hidden staff. I wish MuseScore had a colla parte feature, where you could cause the tenor to sing an octave below the soprano written, or instruments along with them, without other staves (much classical music is written this way, WRT instruments backing vocalists).

Thanks for the replies.
I guess the teble clef with the '8' below, by itself, will be good enough.
The sopranos will understand what is meant.
Yes, for sound, I see a hidden staff would be required.

There is a clumsy workaround. Use the “optional 8va” clef and the lesser-known “Fix to line” feature in Inspector where you can insert a note of any pitch and then change the line that it is displayed on.

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