how to have different tunnings within the same score?

• Nov 8, 2019 - 15:21

Hi, just try to get a drop in D in the middle of a score. I only know how to do it for the entire score. thanks


To change tunings, insert an instrument change. You can use this text to indicate the tuning change to the guitarist. Right click any measure after the instrument change, choose staff/part properties and adjust the string data as usual. This will apply the new tuning starting at the instrument change.

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as a matter of fact at the end it was i who did not understand anything, cause i did not manage to implement the instrument change i wanted. so basically ignore the previous message. So i did made the instrument change but it did not seem to take effect as i changed the tuning it would affect the whole score. i did publish the score without change in tunning. itsa in the third part.

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I just opened the score and realize why it didn't work. The procedure I described works starting in version 3.3, which I should have mentioned since it's so new. In previous versions (including 2.x) there is no way to change tuning part way through the score. You must add a second instrument, set the tuning for that instrument and use Hide empty staves in the Style->General... (Format->Style in version 3.x) dialog box. Also uncheck the option below that that starts Don't hide empty... so your drop D instrument won't be shown on the first page.

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