First and Second Endings Not Propagating to all Parts

• Nov 8, 2019 - 15:54

I am not sure if this is a bug or how the software is supposed to work...and I didn't see any other mention of this in the forum (most issues seem to be about playback).

On some of my arrangements it looks like if I don't put the first and second ending on the top part in the score, it does not propagate to all of the parts. In the attached score, you can see the first and second endings that start at measures 11 and 19 show up at the top of the score and in all of the corresponding parts. However, the one at measure 95 is on the second part (first trumpet), and it does NOT propagate to the parts (not even the first trumpet part).

I am running Musescore Revision 4761df6 on MacOS 10.15.1

I know I can fix it if I delete the current first and second endings and put them back in on the top part, but like key or time signature, shouldn't this just apply across all of the parts?


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There are situations, though rare, where the notation has a repeat and volta for only some instruments. The way MuseScore allows this is to consider a volta on the top staff to be global while a volta on any other staff is considered for the part only. This also allows the user to put voltas on all instruments and not have a duplicate volta on all but the first instrument. At least this is my understanding of the current behavior.

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Thanks! Sounds about right. However, what if you wanted only the top line part to have Volta at some point? I know, extreme case. I might not be skilled enough at MuseScore to know how you would do repeats differently for a part in the score since everything seems to line up by measure. I hope I don't have something like that to arrange!


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You would need to create a workaround. Add an instrument and mark it invisible in the instruments dialog (press i). Add the volta to the first visible instrument. I'm not sure, but you may need the invisible instrument to be visible when you add the volta.

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