Text and measure problems

• Nov 10, 2019 - 16:02

Hi, first question: How can I create a text block anywhere on the page? This was pretty easy to do in the Finale PrintMusic I was using. How can I move the song title down within its header? I haven't found a way to just drag and drop it down a bit. I need to type "Concert Sheet" in the upper left hand corner of the document, which must be possible.

Second question: how can a move a measure from one system to another? Ex: if I have a system with four measures, how can I move one up so the system above has five measures?

I'm working with the MuseScore jazz lead sheet, on a Mac desk top? I've looked for these answers but can't find them. I know they're in the tutorial and manual somewhere, but I have to get these lead sheets out ASAP so I'm asking here.
Thanks, Scott

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If I was able to figure these problems out from the handbook I wouldn't have asked the question. I figured out how to create a frame from a measure - but I don't need a text frame in the score. I need a text frame at the top of my lead sheet. I created a text frame from the first measure and dragged the text up to the upper left corner of the page where I wanted it. This left a gap in the lead sheet that I didn't want. When I deleted it, the text I'd dragged to the top of the sheet also got deleted; not very helpful.

I understand what stretching is. I wasn't talking about that; I was talking about trying to relocate a measure from one system to another. Can you help with this besides just telling me to look in the handbook, which I did before posting and couldn't find the solution. Thanks

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For the frame, I would suggest that you attach your score. It sounds like you are doing something different than you are explaining.

For moving the measure up a system. Make sure the last measure on the system doesn't have a break on it (a blue symbol that says it's some sort of break when you click it). Select the entire system where you want the extra measure and the extra measure and press { up to 10 times to minimize the stretch in all of these measures. If this doesn't work, you will need to make other adjustments and it would be best to attach the score for that as well se we don't need to give you 5 different options.

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You'd be surprised and disappointed about how many users ask for help in the forum without ever having read the handbook, even without knowing it exists.
Anyway, I guess you'd need to explain your problem better, what exactly you want to achieve, what you tried, what you got instead of what you expected.
That Pdf for sure didn't make it clearer, not to me at least.

As others have said, attaching a score is better than attaching a picture. But, in this case, I think it's pretty clear what you what to do. You don't need a new frame at all, you simply need to add text to the existing frame that is already at the top of the score (with the title, etc). So, right click within that frame, then Add / Text - I normally use "Part Name" for what you are describing.

To make five measures fit on a system that currently has four, first remove a line break if there is one there already, then if that doesn't already allow more measures, select the measures you want to be squeezed onto one system and reduce stretch until they fit. So yes, stretching is relevant here. But, I doubt that will be needed based on your picture, looks like just removing a line break is all you need.

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