empty "volta" line?

• Nov 11, 2019 - 01:19

Hello again

Is there anything like the volta or octave lines (above the measure) that permit custom text insertion? Pedal marks won't flip upside down. Constructing one with 2 separate lines is laborious and prone to misalignment when the measure shifts.

thank you


In the advanced workspace there is a line with a Roman Numeral VII and a line with a hook on it. This is the line you are looking for...I think. Unlike the voltas, you cannot put the text under the line.

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Ok, apparently I've been using the advanced all along. I didn't realize the F9 is "advanced". Unfortunately the Roman numeral acts like the voltas--no text capability. I need one where I can add text. The voltas won't let me replace the numbers with custom text.

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F9 is the palettes. If you see the roman numeral then you have the advanced workspace open. Apply the line, select it and press F8 to open the inspector. This will give you line options like dotted line, hooks on each end (like a volta 1) and the text used. You can change the text to anything you like and you have several format options associated with the text.

See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/lines for more info.

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Ran a few tests and will need more to place text properly, but at least it allows custom text. Haven't found a way to hide the "VII" since it Musescore doesn't recognize it as a separate element of the line like it recognizes note heads, stems, etc. of a note.

Thank you very much.

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