• Nov 12, 2019 - 06:17

Hey all
I'm wasting time searching through the mixer for the sound I want to use.
Can you not look at categorising them into percussion, strings, etc etc - they aren't even in alphabetical order- it could be much better
Also are there any solo voices in the offing?


Thwere are Choir Ahhs and Voice Ohhs, next to one another. The latter sounds horrable IMHO
The order is those is the SoundFont and that is the one Genera MIDI dictates.

In the Mixer when you open the Patch dropdown list to allocate a new sound, you can search by repeatedly typing the first letter of the desired instrument sound. In most cases, I find this search technique gets me there quite quickly.

Unfortunately, the General MIDI (GM) Standard instrument order was fixed a long time ago. The today soundfont files, just follow that order. Musescore Mixer just shows that order.

We would have to change the international GM Standard order, but... I think it would take a very long time to be a reality.

What it could be possible is to show the soundfont internal instrument order in a way close to the standard LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet and to add some automatic research of some specific instrument with only two characters inputted by the user.

Maybe... Some day...

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