Latest (stable & 12th November Nightly) versions randomly jump back to start of score during note input

• Nov 12, 2019 - 21:06

I installed the latest stable version a couple of days ago. I found that at random intervals during note input, whether entering new values or copying/pasting, that I was suddenly at the start of the score again (as if I had pressed 'Home'). This occurred on multiple scores. I have now installed the latest Nightly version (unstable prerelease revision 70cfe6b), and the behaviour is exactly the same. This obviously isn't a major bug (I just go back to where I was, and everything else seems to be working fine, including playback, with no slowing/stuttering), but it is somewhat puzzling. MuseScore (for me at least) has always been very stable and predictable. Processor Intel i5-3350P 3.10 Ghz, 8 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GT 710, USB Sound Blaster HD. MuseScore is using only 300 Mb of memory.

Any thoughts would be welcome! Thank you.


I see the same behaviour on my system (using v3.3.0 release). Not sure why this is. The cursor remains at the entry position, it is only the display of the score which is jumping to the beginning.

#Metoo, very annoying!
Apparently happens on every (auto)save, so every 2 minutes by default

Here it is a score with parts (closed score SA/TB + Piano, with a closed SA/TB and a Piano part)

Can you please attach the scores with the problem?

In general, this shouldn't happen, but we've identified at least one score where it does, and we can reproduce this in house, although we don't understand the problem. May related to linked parts somehow. What I do know right now is that in the one score where it happens, we are trying to position the view to the location of the last edit, and are coming up with an invalid location.

The random intervals bit, BTW, is autosave kicking in. It's actually the save that seems to be triggering this. But again, not in most scores - so the more scores we can collect that exhibit the problem, the better the chance of figuring out the problem.

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I have had the same problem today. I have been transcribing a piece for piano and clarinet. I am not sure if this will help to identify the source of the problem, but for what it's worth, it seemed to occur after the following actions:

  • In note entry mode on page 2 or later with no linked parts, just a score with clarinet and piano, autosave on at 2 minute intervals
  • Enter notes in one of the piano staves, voice 1. Notes are present beyond this point in one or more of the other staves
  • back up a few measures using the left arrow key
  • switch to voice 2 using ctrl+alt+2
  • enter notes in voice 2 but terminate before the end of notes previously entered in voice 1
  • switch to voice 1 using ctrl+alt+1. Note entry point is now in measure X.
  • hit the right arrow (intending to move the entry point to the end of the previously entered notes in voice 1)

Sometimes (or possibly every time) the view moves to top left of page 1. I didn't associate this behaviour with autosave but then I wasn't looking a what autosave was doing. It is of course possible that it contributed to the critical circumstances.

  • press N twice to exit and re-enter note entry mode

View moves to show measure X (i.e where I expected it to be after pressing the right arrow).

The score has changed a lot since I experienced the problems as I have generated parts and added other notation items such as slurs, pedaling, dynamics and text, so I am not sure how much it will help. But here it is anyway.

System information is:
OS: Windows 10 (10.0), Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 4761df6

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Attached the score I am editing. For me it is happening while being in Note Entry mode and believe it was also occurring when I pressed a key on the keyboard, i.e. a notename or arrow key. It was not happening very often, so it could related to the autosave. I have autosave set to the default value of 2 minutes.

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