measure numbers

• Nov 13, 2019 - 11:24

Why are these numbers on 02.00 above the system.
How do I make a standard to 0.50 or whatever.
Now I have to change it everytime, also when I have created the solo S, A, T and B -files; it does not copy from the SATB-file when I have changed it there.


Format > Style > Text Styles > Measure number
or change one measure number's offset in inspector and hit the S (set as style) button next to the offset
Do this again for the parts

Once you make the changes recommended by Jojo, you use Format->Save style. The next time you open (or create) an SATB score you can use Format->Load style and these changes will by applied to the existing score.

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Or simply save one such score to your Templates folder. Now it will be available as a template next time you create a new score, so you won't even need to load the style file. But the style file will be sueful for updating existing scores.

As for why the default is 2sp, there's no real standard for this, but that's as common a position as any other. High enough to clear any brackets and the top of the treble clef.

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