Strange issues with different voice timings

• Nov 15, 2019 - 04:27

hey folks

imported a pdf file, and on first glance looked ok. However, i found that certain voices, even though they are showing as quarter notes, are not playing properly. For example, measure 5 in the attached file. All voices show as quarter notes, but the duration is not right.

Also - why cannot i simply highlight all the notes in the measure and change them to Voice 1? or Any other voice? Changing them 1 by 1 somtimes works, but not consistently. Trying to figure out why it does or does not allow the toggle change.


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.diatonic modulations see pdf.mscz, 29.5 KB


If you select measure 5 for example, you will see that there are notes in all 4 voices in the left hand staff. If you put these notes all into voice 1, you will end up with strange chords which is not what you want. Tuplets (the notes with 3's and 6's above them) cannot be simply moved to another voice. You must move the other notes to the same voice as the tuplet, then you can exchange voices to put everything into the correct voice.

The bottom line is that this score is too complex for the import tool. Practically every measure will need to be fixed and it would be faster to enter the score by hand.

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