Palette panel blank/inaccessible on high-res monitors

• Nov 15, 2019 - 05:04

I started up MuseScore today and noticed that the palette panel was blank, so I did a factory reset, and no luck. I tried manually deleting the palette file and, again, no luck, but it did launch MuseScore on my secondary monitor, which actually showed the palettes. However, I prefer to edit on my primary monitor, so when I moved it over, the palette panel once again was blank.

I suspected this was due to resolution, so I tried a few others, and sure enough, once you're above a certain threshold (for me 2048x1152), the palettes disappear, regardless of aspect ratio.

I'm running this on Linux, MuseScore package is on v-3.3-3. Primary monitor is at 2880x1620, secondary monitor is 1920x1080. To save you some time, both of these are 16:9 ratios.

Not sure if this is a QT thing, or a MuseScore thing.


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I believe it does, yes. At least it did for other platforms that had similar issues
There's an AppImage for all Linux distros, you can try that.
But indeed it is potentially a Qt version issue and one reason why the Windows build fell back from Qt 5.12.5 to 5.9.8 and the AppImages are using 5.9.8 also.

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