Is it possible to bulk edit note velocities?

• Nov 16, 2019 - 21:47

hey folks

am trying to select a bunch of notes, group them, choose 'edit elements', chase velocity type to USER and then give a number.

it looks like it works, but then after clicking away the only note that got changed was the last one selected. Ive tried grouping by only shift clicking the note heads, and then by the whole chord, and then the whole measure.

no difference.

is this possible to do?



Don't choose Edit element, it's not relevant here (and it's singular, not plural, which is probably your problem right there). Just select the notes and go straight to the Inspector. "Edit element" is only for fine adjustments of position (via the arrow keys).

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thanks will try that once i get my damn computer fixed. the audio port died tonight, and dell is demanding a factory reset before sending in a replacement motherboard. so its 'lets make some system images' night! no way i can spend the time to reinstall all my apps and then configure them. ;<

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