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• Nov 17, 2019 - 16:39

Since starting my laptop today and trying to create a new piece, the key signatures are not working. When I click on Gb I get Eb. When I click on GM I get AM, I've gone through all of them and not one is correct and not one of them gives me Gb or Cb. Can you sort out a fix for this please.

Thank you in advance.


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Thank you, I am writing in written form as it should be played, not concert pitch. I haven't put any notes down yet because I can't get it to show the correct key signature by clicking the button. However, I have managed to get Gb by transposing a single note by interval with transpose key signature ticked also.

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There is something strange happening. Using the transpose tool is not necessary or even a good thing to do. Something is different, I just don't know what that is. If you use the transpose tool, you will end up with backwards transpositions and it will sound wrong in playback.

Attach your score that isn't working right and maybe I can find something in there.

You wrote:
Since starting my laptop today and trying to create a new piece, the key signatures are not working. When I click on Gb I get Eb.

Please supply more info.
"Trying to create a new piece" -- ok, but for what instrument? In other words, if you create a new piece for flute and click on Gb key signature, you get Eb?
If so, something's really messed up... so please attach such a score and explain exactly what you are trying to do.

Before to be at this page with "wrong" key signature, what have you asked like "instrument ?? Gb-->Eb you get this when asking an Eb instrument like Alto Sax, after G-->A with a Bb instrument like trumpet. Try with anC intrument like Piano, flute or Violin, I'm sure you get the Key signature you want

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I think the problem is that bobbomack has the [concert] button pressed and a score for an instrument that transposes in Eb. When a Gb (6 flats) key signature is picked from the palette it shows up on the score as Eb (3 flats).

If bobbomack is entering a piece that is in the key of Gb, then it should be done with the [concert] button pressed.

If bobbomack wants a Gb key signature in a score for an Eb transposing instrument then the concert key would be A (actually it would be B double flat, but that would require a double flats in the key signature). So, a key signature of A (3 sharps) needs to go in the score, and this will show up in transposition as F# (i.e. the enharmonic equivalent of Gb). Then to get it to show up as its enharmonic equivalent, the process described in would need to be applied.

The misunderstanding arises because, MuseScore always adds key signatures relative to concert pitch, whether the [concert] button is pressed or not. This makes sense as there are likely to be instruments with different transpositions a score in the general case and the key signature applies by default to all staves in the score.

If you are creating a new piece, the concert pitch button is not relevant, you always need to specify keys in concert pitch, After all, for an orchestra score, if you pick Gb, how would MuseScore know if you mean Gb for the flute, for the clarinets, or for French horn?

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Folks, I did not click the concert pitch button. I started a new piece, with piano selected so concert pitch is automatic. I wanted Gb for the key but it wouldn't give me Gb. If I was using an Alto Sax I would have chosen the correct key for Alto sax etc etc. However, I uninstalled the programme and reinstalled it which seems to have rectified the problem. Thank you.

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My best guess, then, is that you had somehow corrupted your custom instruments.xml file sich that piano was marked as transposing.

BTW, note that even when selecting piano, concert pitch is still off by the default - it's just that for piano, there is no difference between concert pitch on or off, as noted above.

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