The line after words to show the word is sung the whole time more nicely

• Nov 17, 2019 - 22:35

Hey all,

So, for example, if I want my Sopranos to sing "Ah" for many measures, the professional way to write that would be to write the word Ah on the first note, and then put a line after it to show it is sung continously through the many measures yes? How do I put this solid line into lyrics part? Or, if there is a better way of showing this, what is it?


Just start entering underlines at the end of the "Ah" word, MuseScore changes these to a continuous underline and moves to the next note. A rest will interrupt this line, so if you for some reason are trying to include this note under a rest, change the rest to a note until the entire line is entered, then delete the note, the line will remain in tact.

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