MuseScore 3

• Nov 19, 2019 - 19:49

Musescore is seriously doing my head in, making a score up and trying to edit text and Chord size and height above staff and it always goes back to default when I exit!!! 😡


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When you are inside a text box editing it, the text attributes appear on a line at the bottom of the MS window, above the status line. Surely, you know it. There you can edit the attributes of individual words and letters, as well as selections such as the whole text.

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The text toolbar and Inspector serve entirely different purposes. Inspector is for setting the attributes of the text element as a whole. The text toolbar is for changing a few letters or words within the text. Kind of like the difference between paragraph and character formats in a word processor, sort of.

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That clears that up --- I guess the other issue is a bug, that the inspector text attributes are not greyed out when the text editing is open, and it doesn't work when that is so: if you use the inspector when inside the text edit, its attributes change back when you close it.

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