Musescore 3 opens, immediately closes.

• Nov 20, 2019 - 04:32

When I went to open my music program today, it opened for about 5 seconds, then closed. it will not stay open. Every time I open it, it says "The previous session quit unexpectedly. Restore session?" and both the yes and no options close it after it loads up. Any help? Please give a descriptive answer, not a short useless one.


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You will need to disable the start center. This sometimes happens on some systems, mostly windows from what I can tell. You can use the menu File->Open to open scores in the future. If you cannot see a score preview and would like to, respond here and someone can explain how to do that.

You need to disable the start center by using the menu Edit->Preferences and selecting the General tab. There is a check box next to Show Start Center that needs to have the check removed.

Hopefully the cause of this can be discovered and you will be able to continue using the start center. If it is fixed, it will no doubt be included in the release notes when you upgrade to that version. At that time you will be able to check Show Start Center again.

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For discovering the cause, do you use Windows or some other operating system? If Windows, could you please check whether the following folder has any files (and, if so, how many of them)?

C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3\bin\webengineresources\resources

(if you installed MuseScore to a different folder you should look into that path instead of C:\Program Files\MuseScore 3)

Maybe the issue has something to do with certain files being not installed in some cases on updating but that still needs checking, so this information would be really helpful.

I've been having the exact same issue. Disabling the start center fixed the initial crash. However, every single time I try to "save online", musescore also immediately closes/crashes.

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My installation has the following files there:


so it looks like some files are indeed missing. Does repairing an installation like described here help in restoring an ability to use Start Center? Also, did you upgrade from the previous version or is it a fresh installation of MuseScore on your computer?

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