Plugin folder permission issues

• Nov 20, 2019 - 04:50

hey folks

have seen a few reports abolut windows 10 permissioning issues. I experienced my first today.

i am the only user on this machine, and login as administrator. i have full rights, including to all the system directories with the exception of a few legacy program files (x86) folders that are simply not viewable.

Now, under my plugins directory in my default musescore installation, when i try to save qml (or any) files there, i get the 'you dont have permission' to save files here.

I reset the security of the program directory its in, ensuring admin has all rights.

no change

has anyone found a fix for this?


I suspect the fix is to save the qml in the folder in the menu Edit->Preferences in the general tab there is a path where MuseScore looks for user added plugins. If you place it there you should have no problems.

Don't save user customization inside the Program Files directory. For MuseScore to be able to save there, you have to ensure that the program runs with the security credentials from the installer. Something that is (rightly so) rather hard to achieve.

Instead save the customization files into your user directory, which works by default. Added bonus: you don't loose any of your files upon a program update…

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