Producing a soprano line degree with a ^ inverted cap over the top

• Nov 20, 2019 - 16:29

I am trying to type a degree number e.g. 1^ 3^ 5^ with a cap over the top rather than on the right hand side - please advise?


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Oh, for Heaven's sake, you just put one text string near another. Sorry, you do not get the prize:( I need a way to have caret-adorned numbers in the midst of extensive text strings, the way it is now possible to insert stacks of Campania figures denoting chord interval degrees. Nope, still need.

Oh, I see, the OP's "name" was 1903773 or whatever. I converted it to hex and couldn't find Unicode character 1D0B0D anywhere.....hah.

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I doubt that there is a way now. I'm sure, on the other hand, a font could be prepared with carrot-topped (as it were) numerals and maybe other outré needs, similar to Campania, but it would have to be packed on-board to be usable for posted scores, and it is not worth doing until there are other calls for such.

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Other than Webdings, none of those fonts are in my MS. Your score on my machine shows ugly overstrikes in the middies of the numbers, which is as far as I was able to get earlier, not as good as Firefox renders the characters above (can't say what they look like in your browser, or for that matter, anybody's).

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Oh, that's getting interesting. I think without screen-copy images, none of us can be sure we are seeing or talking about the same thing, and it is not only browser-dependent, but environment-dependent, depending upon what fonts MuseScore can see.

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What I fear most is that this formula (unicode diacritical overstrike, as intended), cannot be relied upon in a cross-system way, leading me back to wish that "carrot-topped" numerals appeared as such in a dedicated region of a dedicated font.

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Can someone with a Linux post a score privately with that text in OpenSymbol, and see if the site does it correctly? Supposedly that is Linux, too, and it just might work (in which case all i need do to publish such scores is get my Mac to see it)....

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