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• Nov 21, 2019 - 00:22

I have installed the TempoChange plugin on my Mac; the application works very well. However, I cannot find any instructions or information on how to use the application, and what quirks to look out for. For example, when I have successfully adjusted the bar(s) for rit., or rall., and hit "Apply", I notice that numerous intermediate tempo values (at various intervals) throughout the bar are displayed in grey text above the bar in question. Because these grey markings clutter-up the score, I tried to delete them. However, when I delete (cut) these tempo markings, the new rit., or rall., values which I set revert to the raw (original) tempo.

Is there any way to delete or hide these grey co-ordinates without causing the set values to revert to the original values? Also, is there an instruction handbook anywhere for this plugin?


https://musescore.org/en/project/tempochanges and the page it links to explaining the math are what there is. The note-value display (quarter, half, dotted-half) don't display properly on the Mac in the dropdown. Try them all and learn the simple rule for remembering them until this is found and fixed. The plugin works by inserting those incremental changes -- it's not gratuitous.

I understand it well (one of contributors to it) and can answer specifics.

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Many thanks for your response. I had noticed the anomaly with the dropdown; there's no real problem with operation but I guess it will get fixed in due course. I had a look at the link which you sent me with regard the plugin's algorithm; I understand the math fully - thank you for that.

My original problem was trying to find instructions on how to use the plugin. However, since posting my question, I now realise that all the necessary information is actually contained within the MuseScore Handbook under the heading 'Tempo'.

Thank you once again for your help. Kind regards.

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