• Nov 23, 2019 - 13:30

My former versions of Musescore (2.2) worked fine but after installing 3.3.24203 the splash screen doesn't show all the templates only my last three scores and a blank "New Score". (?)

Also it seems that my keyboard shortcuts have been blocked and I can not make any changes however this has been the case with all versions.



What Operating System?
Why 2.2 and not 2.3.2 (the latest and last 2.x version)
What is 3.3.24203? The latest 3.x version is 3.3.2 (.24203 being the Mac build of that)
So I guess you're on macOS, but which exactly?
And the splash screen never showed any score, just the MuseScore logo, so I guess you''re talking about the startcenter?

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That was the second page of the wizard in MuseScore 2. For MuseScore 3, the wizard has been made more compact and easier to browse, allowing the list of templates to be collapsed and expanded by category, and to be navigated by keyboard, and only showing the thumbnail for the currently selected template. But it's still showing the same basic information - all the template on your system. It has nothing to do with the recent scores in the start center.

BTW, you mention a problem with shortcuts, but it isn't clear what you mean. Best to start a new thread and describe that problem in more detail.

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