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• Nov 23, 2019 - 15:09

I've been reading the Forum about moving systems/staves. I'm a little confused. I can't move a staff/instrument or System by using Shift+mouse. Is there another way that I'm missing? Thanks for any assist!


NOTE: I have one SYSTEM (Solo, S, A, T, B, piano) per page!! I need to move staves closer together to allow another System to enter the pages.

If the goal is to fit more systems per page, definitely start with the overall staff size (Format / Page Settings / Staff space). Attempting to move the staves closer together without making things smaller will generally not work well - the staves will be too crowded to read well, and they are likely to get automatically spaced further apart anyhow to make room as necessary for dynamics etc. But, the staff distance setting in Format / Style / Page is where you'd start if you did need that.

Shif+space was never intended for this, it was createing irregular spacing - different spacing between one pair of staves versus the next. That's not your goal here, and in any case, automatic placement generally makes this unnecessary.

If you need further help, please attach your score so we and can understand and assist better.

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To eliminate only the soloist staff when it is empty, right-click it, Staff Properties, and set "Hide when empty" to "Always". Then the piano part will remain even when it is empty if that is what you prefer. Personally, I'd just as soon see the piano part go away too though when it isn't needed. But if it's just because you aren't done yet, then you shouldn't be worry about any of these layout issues yet - wait until you are done with input and then you can assess layout.

You can also tighten up spacing where you see extra space being add not by forcing collisions using spacers but by moving the elements responsible for requiring. the extra space to begin with.

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There simply isn’t room for two systems with things as big as they are. Make the staff size smaller or reduce the margins in Format / Page Settings.

You force staves closer together here and there using a spacer or by making the “min vertical distance” negative in Format / Style / Score, but you’ll see that this creates unreadable music because forcing the staves closer together will cause collisions.

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