Accerlando or Rittarondo?

• Nov 24, 2019 - 05:33

can someone tell me if this is available besides 'written' text? keeping fingers crossed ....


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We should be able to select the 'Rit.' text and modify all the time curve there directly as when we edit the tempo or wtv, that would be the most intuitive and nice way to do the job.

Im 'thinking' it, as you can see. The difference is i like to think outside the box. ;)


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I can live with the actual situation via the plugin, but for a future development I could also imagine handling it as tempo texts like "Grave", "Largo" etc. - that is, you have the text in the score and adjust the tempos in the inspector. But I'm not sure how easy it is to implement it.

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Well, the point is accel. and rit. need to be spanners, entities spanning a certain amout of beats, similar to hairpins. Tempo texts are not, in the same way as dynamics are not. An accompaning a tempo then would be a plain tempo text again (ideally with some build-in magic to find and revert to the tempo in effect before the most recent accel. or rit.)

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