Xylophone range

• Nov 24, 2019 - 19:11

Notes that are in the range of the xylophone are in green in the editor.

The notes sound as they should, but the editor displays them in color.


They are outside amateur range but whithin professional raneg, don't take those terms too literally, it doesn't just describe the musician, but also the instrument itself, apparently not all xylophones go that high, but some do

Some xylophones have a shorter range than others. As a default, the notes on the larger xylophones are green to alert those who may not be familiar with the instrument. If you don't want to see the green notes there are two options: 1) right click the xylophone staff, choose staff/part properties and set the amateur and professional ranges to your instrument, all legal notes will then be black. 2) Open Edit->Preferences choose the Note Input tab and remove the check from Color notes outside of usable pitch range. This will make all notes on all instruments black.

BTW, when printed all of the automatic note colors are printed in black.

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