Frames for Accidentals and Articulations

• Nov 26, 2019 - 23:33

In MuseScore, I use the text frames to mask text (in front of slurs, hairpins, etc.). However, there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with Accidentals and Articulations. I wouldn't think it's too hard to implement, so I'd love to see the option.
I apologize if there is already a way to mask these, but I couldn't find anything after looking around.


Can you explain your process a little? I don't think you mean text frames but probably staff or system text and I'm not sure what you mean about wanting to mask accidentals and articulations. Are you aware that you can select almost anything and press V and it will become invisible. If you use the view menu and remove the check from show invisible they will not be light gray either.

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I apologize for being unclear. I've attached images of what "look" I'm after (I've masked the "p" and "mf" in this case). I would hide what was under text by, under text options in the inspector, turning on a rectangular frame (image shown below). Then, I would reduce the border width to zero and make the highlight color white. This makes everything under the text turn invisible. However, it doesn't hide the entire object, just the parts obstructing the "p". I'd like to be able to do the same with articulations and accidentals, but currently cannot.

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Now that makes perfect sense. I couldn't have asked for a better answer. You also use the exact technique I've used for this. The other items you have listed do not have a frame or background color property so you can't do that with those. It's not normal for those items to obscure what is under them, though you could no doubt find published scores where this happens.

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If you have a special need for this effect, you can enter those symbols as text, using the Special Characters palette (press F2 while entering your text to display).

BTW, the source of the confusion is that "text frame" actually has a specific different meaning in MuseScore, it's something you add from the Frames & Measures palette, like a vertical frame but only or text and self-sizing. What you are talking about is "text with the frame property set". Probably not a great choice of terminology on our part in the MuseScore interface as it invites this confusion.

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