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• Dec 3, 2019 - 04:03


I cannot figure out how to rescue a near-finished arrangement from file corruption. The file is corrupt, and I have found methods ways to "fix" it so the offending measure displays correctly, but MuseScore still crashes when saving it, and also crashes under other circumstances like selecting certain symbols, and even when editing another file that is open at the same time.
I have managed to save most of the arrangement by removing the flute part and then saving it. The original, corrupt file is attached. Note that the measure displays

Is there a way to stabilize the file other than by rewriting the flute part from scratch?


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When a measure is corrupt, you need to delete any parts that include that measure before you fix the corruption. In this case you need to delete the woodwinds and flute 1, fix the corruption and then create the parts again.

I have done this in the attached. You will need to make sure the flute's measure 84 part is correct.

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Abide With Me - Copy.mscz 94.18 KB

Measure 84, Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 10/8

So go to that measure (Ctrl+F, 84) and see that indeed it has a half note, a half rest and 2 8th notes.
To fix such corruptions see

On top one of the parts is corrupt too, so MuseScore crashes on autosafe (after 2 minutes) and on a normal save too, here indeed one solution is to delete the affected parts and regenerate them. ANother os it switch off autosave and fix the corruption as per the above.

Thank you both! I didn't think of removing the parts first, though I had noticed that the corruption displays differently in the parts vs. the main score.

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