Rhapsody files, how to open

• Dec 3, 2019 - 09:49

Hello to all! I used to have a wonderful music-writing program called Rhapsody. I guess the company went out of business, and I had to go to a different program. However, I have some Rhapsody files on a USB stick, and I have no program that will open them. Does anybody kow what I might be able to use to open those Rhapsody files?


I had the same problem. Export your Rhapsody files to midi files (.mid) (if you still have Rhapsody and an old computer that runs it) and you can read those in MuseScore.

Note you will lose a ton of information exporting to MIDI, to the point where it might be easier to just re-enter the music by hand from a print. If you can manage to get MusicXML, though, then you'll be in better shape.

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I have never thrown away any of my old computers, but it's been years since I cranked them up. I'm not sure that I had Rhapsody on a home computer--may have had it on the one I used at the university before I retired. But it's worth a try when I have a free day to see what I find on the old ones at home.

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Oops. I didn't go that far with it. After looking at the manual for Encore, new versions won't open your files. However the manual for Music Time Deluxe specifically lists Rhapsody files. You could download the free demo to find out. Cost is listed as $85. Or I suppose you could screenshot your files from the demo version if it actually worked

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I have Finale and Finale Notepad, but I don't know if I could use either of them to import the Rhapsody files some way to try opening them there. Maybe I could try, to see what happens. I have the Rhapsody files on a USB stick, and clicking on them didn't do anything. When I open the Finale import function, it gives choice for MusicXML, Translate folder from MusicXML, and MusicXML Preferences. I have never used those, and really don't know what they do or how they work.

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I know I'm late, but I also had some old Rhapsody stuff that existed in no other format. bobjp's suggestion of Encore will work. I think they are the company that made Rhapsody (or they were bought by them or something). At any rate, I can export my old Rhapsody files by installing their demo.

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