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• Dec 4, 2019 - 02:38

I play clarinet which is a transposing instrument. When I transpose a piano score to my key I NEED the bar numbers to find out where I am in the transposition. However, the bar numbers do not follow the bar and can be OFF the page or well out of position to the bar they should be at least at the start or end of the bar. I have reset the "Format style, plus and minus positions and nothing works. I usually end up manually placing the bar numbers where they should be. This is impossible if the number is OFF the page/score and there are in excess of 50 bars. The bar link can be moved back or forward over "A" bar but rarely hovers centrally over "THE" bar that is required.

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It seems you have changed the position of those numbers from their default, which is directly over the barline ads per usual engraving standards. If you are sayign you didn't do this on purpose, then we'd need you to attach your score in order to understand better. If you did do this on purpose, time to undo that. Again, if you attach your score (not just a picture of it) we can assist better.

Hello MuseScore
As I have said before MuseScore is a wonderful professional piece of software.
Your help and support are great.
The only comment I have to make is the difficulty of reading, and making sense of the online
Hand Book. It has the answer somewhere in the text… but where?
I must admit I find the Google “MuseScore: … (search)”, to be MORE help and direct than the
hand book.
The Hand book seems to labor the information, it’s too complicated in its format. Yet the Google rendering is easy to read and Google is ONLY using the hand book?
Professionally I was a Technical Illustrator and Technical Writer. And the main rule was KISS&LCD = Keep it simple and stupid and the lowest common denominator. And that denominator is the human reader… ME.
I spent 2 to 3 hours trying to split a bar when transposing a sheet music score from the information on “How to…” from the hand book. And now when I have to do it, I forgot the “how to” and I have to start again. (Although I do now have a better understanding of it)
Anyway, an INCREDIBLE piece of software and THANK YOU. I could not do what I do without you!
Barry Austin

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Ciao Barry, the word Illustrator makes me ask you if you could improve a How-To:
Or, even better, if you can/want to make better ones.
A click on an element of the score + F1 leads to the relative argument;
The Handbook and How To's can be corrected and improved by anyone and any help is welcome. I often find it difficult to find some information on the use of MuseScore, if you have not already thought about it consider the possibility of downloading the handbook as a PDF and save it. Then with Ctrl+F it is easier to browse it in search of a keyword.

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