system printers not visible (3.3.3/linux mint)

• Dec 4, 2019 - 09:21

I've just installed the 3.3.3 appimage. When trying to print (eg ^P), the only printer shown is the inbuilt "print to file (PDF)" option -- no system printer is visible.

3.2.3 shows all the system printers in the drop-down box, followed by the musescore internal printer.

This is on Mint 18.3/64-bit.


I have the same problem on ubuntu 18.04. I installed musescore 3.2.3 from the repository and everything works fine.
3.3.3 i installed the appimage and my printer is also invisible. I hope 3.3.3 comes in the repository soon.

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I reinstalled version 2.1 through the Software Manager and the printers are back. I also tried reinstalling version 3.2.3 but alas, only the pdf option was available. I'll stick with 2.1 until the bug is dead... The user interface and capabilities of 3.3.3 will be missed!

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The Mint Software Manager only had two options available to install. The 2.1 is from and 3.2.3 is from FlatHub. I tried installing through Snap, but got several download errors during the install process. The workaround takes precious time away from my students.

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(OP replying)
Thanks to all for comments.

For completeness, I see the problem with 3.3.3 and 3.3.4 (newly downloaded) but not 3.2.3 -- all are 64-bit appimages.

The OS is mint 18.3/mate 1.18.0; 64 bit system. I have CUPS running, providing CUPS PDF and a networked laser.

I've tried to rebuild 334 from source, but there are several QT5 libraries missing, and seemingly not available through synaptic, so I'm giving up on that for now -- I need to get some music finished :-} A quick diff -r of the 323 and 334 sources shows nothing immediately obvious though.

At least there is the workaround.

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This thread seems to have gone very quiet :-{

I've tried to build from scratch, fixed all the missing library issues, but now find the current build needs QT5.8 -- the mint repos only provide 5.5, so I'm stuck for now. (It uses Q_NAMESPACE)

Has anyone any thoughts on my (outrageous) guess about a compilation conditional having accidentally removed the printer stuff from the distributed 3.3.x appimages?

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OK. The problem is definitely with the appimage file.

I've built a complete new 64-bit mint 19.2 system, and compiled mscore 3.3.4 on it. The system printers are visible.

I've run the 3.3.4 appimage on the same system. Printers are not visible.

My conclusion is the appimage is faulty.

Hi everyone!
I'm running MuseScore 3.4.2 (Revision 148e43f) on SOLUS (linux OS), installed from the repository and up-to-date.
I'm having the same problem as everybody else here - no printers available other than "Print to PDF file".
As I didn't install an AppImage it's definitely NOT an AppImage problem as some here seem to have concluded.
I have been working with MuseScore for years, mostly on linux machines, and I got more and more frustrated ever since we left version 2. Since we switched to version 3 things have been developed to death.
Sometimes I'm thinking about leaving MuseScore altogether but there's just no alternative to it - the big commercial apps are not really an alternative as they're totally overpriced and don't work on linux machines.
J. Walesch

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Have you tried the AppImage? As of some time ago, the configuration issues that prevented it from working on some systems have been fixed. Third party builds like whatever might have been produced for the SOLUS repository are harder for us to control. you might indeed be missing some needed part of the configuration. Try the AppImage - 3.5 was just released today, actually - and see if that works for you as it does for the rest of us. EDIT: the download for 3.5 will be up tomorrow :-)

Regarding any other issues you are having with MuseScore 3, we have fixed literally thousands of bugs and implemented some pretty incredible improvements since MuseScore 2, so yes, that's a lot of lively development :-). But no doubt a couple of things may have broken along the way, that's definitely to be expected. So if you are encountering some sort of issue with something unintentionally having broken along the way, we want to know. I encourage you to start a new thread in the support forum and describe whatever problem you are seeing in more detail. Chances are we can resolve it.

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Hi Marc, It's been sometime since I posted. I tried the AppImage install and failed miserably to get it to work. I don't know if it's my lack of understanding Linux or my Mint Installation. When I go to the Software Manager, it offers either the old version 2.1.0+dfsg3-3build1 or FlatHub 3.4.2. My specific question is why isn't FlatHub showing the newer builds as they are developed? There must be an easier way of software distribution... I'm an old guy, new to Linux because of MAJOR frustration with Microsoft and Apple. I'm willing to learn, but it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks...

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Okay, so it's out of the MuseScore developers hands... Why not put it into the developer's hands and ease the process of updating MuseScore? Let's see an update feature built-in to MuseScore that allows your user base an EASY and simple menu item that ONE click will update your software install. THAT would be more valuable to me than any new option MuseScore could possibly do!

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We have put it in our own hands, by providing an AppImage we can build and distribute ourselves. Unfortunately there are so many different distributions of Linux out there, we don't really have enough hands available to keep up with all of them. That's the beauty of AppImage - it's something we can do that works everywhere.

You mention you had some sort of issue installing it, could you be more specific? It really is extremely simple, the process takes literally seconds.

As for an automatic update feature for AppImage, that's partially implemented and hopefully will come at some point.

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I will say that that Handbook page makes it look much more complicated than it actually is, because it's trying to cover so many different bases. But here it is, boiled down to the essentials

1) download AppImage to folder-of-your-choice (not literally that folder name of course)
2) open terminal window
3) type the following commands:
$ cd folder-of-your-choice
$ chmod +x MuseScore*.AppImage
$ ./MuseScore*.AppImage install

Done. MuseScore is now installed and ready to run normally from your desktop.

I would recommend then either removing the AppImage file you just downloaded (since it will by then have been copied to ~/.local/bin) or at least storing it in another folder. That way, you don't have a whole bunch of AppImages cluttering up the same folder. And that allows the "MuseScore*.AppImage" in the commands above to work as expected.

EDITED: originally my asterisks got eaten by the site, should be fixed now

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EUREKA!!! Many thanks Marc! You too Jojo. When I was in the windows world in my younger days, there was an adage of RTFM... sometimes Reading The .... Manual is above the user's understanding... I go back to DOS, which is similar to Linux Terminal, but it has been many a moon since those days... I thank you both for your efforts to improve the MuseScore experience.

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