Changing instrument via Staff Properties isn't changing the sound on playback.

• Dec 4, 2019 - 23:53

Have a shaker part in a composition, but didn't like the sound MuseScore used for playback, so I went to change it to Maracas. It sounded incredibly similar, so I changed it to snare to be certain. Lo and behold, the sound produced remained the original shaker sound.

Been troubleshooting this for awhile in the Mixer but can't seem to change the sound. I have the part entirely written so I would rather not have to add a new instrument and copy the notes. Any help is appreciated.


Percussion sounds are identified in the drum editor. Take a look at and refer to the sounds in the percussion section at to set the correct sound.

Keep in mind that the shaker and Maracas probably have the same sound assigned to them since there is no shaker sound defined in the GM sound font. Using a different sound font might be in order.

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It's not in GM, but GS MIDI defines note 82 as Shaker, and the default soundfont has a separate sound for it.
Maracas is shorter ; shaker is longer & has two washed out "hits". I've (ab)used both simultaneously for simulating accents. :)

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