Question about ver 3.3.3 please.

• Dec 5, 2019 - 01:20

I'd like to download ver 3 and have 2 questions as I am now only familiar with my current version 2.3.2 .

After downloading, will future editions (3.3.x or 3.x) be automatically updated?

Will the new update affect the current score? Would I have to wait to complete score before updating?


There are no automatic updates in Windows so you won't be stuck with an unwanted update like you are with Windows 10. Hopefully Anatoly will keep a delay in notifying users of future updates until it's been released a few days so a release with a problem will have limited distribution.

There are an abundance of new features in version 3 that will make it easier for you to notate your music, though there is some leaning curve for using the tools properly. Besides the manual, you know where you can find help and advice.

You don't have to complete the score before you update, but it will affect the layout of the existing score. One thing to keep in mind is to keep your scores separated so you will know if a score was created in version 2 or 3. Unless you have a really small hard drive, there's no reason to not keep both around and there is no harm is using version 2 to update an existing version 2 score in version 2.

MuseScore version 3 is installed as a separated program on your computer, not as an update of version 2.
Which is perfect:
You are completely free to continue to use version 2 for existing scores (or even new scores if you are more comfortable with it while you learn V3).
Or if you prefer to take the plunge just use V3 for everything from now on.
The key point is that once saved by V3, you can't open a score with V2 anymore.
So up to you to decide if you prefer to continue to work with V2 for existing V2 scores, to keep a V2 copy in case of but to work with V3, or just use V3 and not look back.

If you download and install MuseScore 3.x, it will notify you about futur updateds (MuseScore 2 did that too) and allow you to download and update to that, it won't do that automatically though.
MuseScore 3 will not replace MuseScore, just like that did not replace MuseScore 1. All three can be installed on the same computer and even get uaes at the same time.
What MuseScore 3 would do though, is to 'grab responsibility' for msvz files, i.e. if will make itself the default application for those.

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If you open a version 2 score in version 3, saving it will do the same thing the Save as... does and you will be prompted to save your score in the version 3 location. This will leave your version 2 score untouched. You cannot simply open a version 3 score in version 2 because their internal formats are different and version 2 doesn't know about version 3 formats.

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