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• Dec 5, 2019 - 02:48

When I open MuseScore on an older Windows 10 computer I have it goes to the page saying "Title" on the left side as expected, but the right side background is solid black rather than light grey. The connection from my computer to my monitor is VGA because the computer does not have any more up to date monitor connection. Is this a problem with my computer connection or something I can correct in MuseScore? Thanks.


It's normal that the background would be black (or a close-to-black color, anyhow). The background being, what you see behind the representation of the paper. Are you still seeing the rest of the window as expect - the palettes on the left, the Inspector on the right, etc?

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Yes, the palettes and inspector all appear normal and in their proper location. It's just that I have installed MuseScore 3 on numerous computers and the background surrounding the paper score facsimile is always a very light grey color. Isn't the light grey color normal and the jet black background color non-standard or at least to my eye very obtrusive? Thanks.


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My recollection is that the colors were tweaked somewhere around MuseScore 3.2, and the black is the new default. A bunch of other colors changed as well. You can customize many other UI colors in Edit / Preferences / Advanced, but I'm not sure the background is one of them.

First, what theme did you choose? Light or dark?
It can be found here: Edit>Preferences>General>Theme
Then to customize the background full of choices are proposed here: Edit>preferences>Canvas>background.
You can even import your own colors

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I think what happened is that during the installation it defaulted to a black background for some reason although all my other installations have defaulted to a light grey background. I'm going to Preferences as you suggest to see if I can change to grey there. Thanks for your help.

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