Changing Instruments

• Dec 8, 2019 - 00:53

So when I try switching instruments the whole thing lags and makes me unable to click anything else on the screen and none of the features work and when i click i just get the error clicking noise.


Could you describe more precisely what you did, and what you saw? All of us change instruments (by any of several defintions) every day, and do not observe this. Did you read the handbook pages on the features that are giving you trouble (click Support > handbook at the top of this page)?

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So ive changed instruments plenty of times before no problem but for some reason this time it just stops everything from working. ill press edit scroll to Instruments then when I click Instruments the sepperate window doesnt open allowing me to edit the instruments in the score, instead now it just either crashes Musescore or just endlessly loads not even allowing me to exit out of the program without use of task manager. I waited 10 mins to see if it would load but then gave up and had to force close it

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