Appearance of triplets

• Dec 11, 2019 - 01:31

Hi everyone! Is there a way to make all triplets in a score look like the one on the right?


It's driving me crazy. Thank you.


Without additional information, the note group on the right isn't tuplet at all, it's just plain dotted quaver and semiquaver notes.

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It is a triplet. The first note is twice as long as the second (2:1 ratio). I have triplets all over the score, but the notes are not grouped. Is there a way to make them look like the example? Also, I don't need the '3' for all the triplets.

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I still don't understand what you are complaining about. In the first picture you attached in the original post, the first two notes form a tuplet and it has the same appearance of the tuplets shown in your second screenshot, but the last two notes are not a tuplet, they are a dotted quaver note and a semiquaver note which have 3:1 duration ratio.

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According to my experience in classical music reading/performing/composing/arranging, I've never seen this kind of interpretation and I'm 99% sure you get something wrong here. So if you would be so kind to explain more in detail why are you interpreting an apparent pair of 3:1 notes as 2:1 notes inside a tuplet, maybe I can find out what did I or you misunderstand.

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