how do I make too notes come closer

• Dec 11, 2019 - 13:44

I have two notes in two adjacent measures connected with legato, a very wide legato.
How do I make these note come closer to shorten the legato? (un-stretching doesn't help since it works on the whole measure)
thank you


It's not really clear what you mean - legato markings should not have any particular impact on spacing. Can you attach your score so we can see what you are talking about?

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The only thing we can tell from your picture is that oyou have somehow done something to move those notes far away from the barline - - that would never happen by default. So whatever it is you did to move them, the answer is, don't do that, and if for soem reason you accidentally do, reverse those same steps to undo it. But attaching the score would help us understand better what you actually did. I'm guesisng it may have involved attempting to drag the notes.

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As you probably noticed I'm a complete newbie to Musescore.
The overspacing happens when I click Esc to stop what I'm doing now and continue with something else and even when I decide to finish for now and click save!
These are operations that everyone does.
Using { (un-stretch) doesn't always help and I don't know why.
thanks for trying
I'll be careful from now on and see what causes it but I can't avoid Esc and Save....

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Well, as we said, if you attach your score, we can understand and assist better. As it we can only guess at what you might be doing to trigger this. But certainly, pressing Esc should not normally cause problems, nor should Save. I do both hundreds of times a day and have never seen this happen. As I said, the only likely candidate to me would be if somehow you accidentally double-clicked and dragged a note, or accidentally changed the leading space in the Inspector. Neither are things that would be easy to do by accident, though.

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finally I pinpointed on the exact event when notes get wide apart. After reading and re-reading the handbook, apparently I still don't know how to handle arpeggios. I start with the last note. If the arpeggio is on two adjacent notes - nothing happens. But when I start to edit (double click the symbol and dragging it backward with the mouse or using shift and arrows with the keyboard than notes are getting far from one another and when I click the save icon hell breaks loose.
I'll create sample mscz files of before and after.
Maybe I should start with the first note and drag the arpeggio symbol to the last (rightmost) note?
will try and report.
many thanks for trying to help

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I don’t see any arpeggio symbols in your pictures, so I think you must mean something else. Arpeggios don’t connect to successive notes, they are placed on a single chord. Maybe you mean glissando (although I don’t see these either?), or slurs (which I do see, but they look weird, like you tried manually shaping them rather than just placing the normally? Actually, one guess is you tried placing a “scoop” or other single-note shape then stretching it to to cover multiple notes as if it were a slur? That won’t work indeed. If you mean to use a slur, simply add a slur, from the lines palette or using the shortcut “S”. See the Handbook for more info

If that’s not it, again, the actual score will help greatly in understanding.

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