Issue reports can be posted without the uploaded/chosen files attached

• Dec 13, 2019 - 08:55
S4 - Minor

(Since this is a kind of issue that removes the files, it seems more like an S4 than an S5)

  1. Open the issue creator.
  2. Choose files in the upload window.
  3. Save the report.
  4. The files will disappear if they were not "inserted".

This causes a lot of confusion and new users who decide to create an issue report and not come back to check up on it. They might not realise that they have in fact not uploaded the files that were displayed in the "upload" box.

Furthermore, the "Display" variable makes it even more confusing. I could not find what it does at all and what is more, it suggests that the file will be displayed.

How it should be:
On clicking "Save", a red box is drawn around the "upload" section to signify an error and saving is prevented if the chosen/uploaded files have not been inserted into the report.


Workaround No Yes

I am flagging "Workaround", which would be to "Insert" the attached file before saving.

Since How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions did not point out this fact, I updated the "File Attachment" section on that page.

Even though the behaviour may not be considered intuitive by some, they should fall back on the documentation.

To anyone who knows the backend: would be interesting to know

  • which issue tracker product (assuming open source) this is based on (Can't hurt to mention that in How to write a good bug report: step-by-step instructions )
  • if this version of the product can be configured to address the issues identified, or if
  • an upgrade will fix this issue or provide the ability to configure.