Drums notation feature suggest

• Dec 15, 2019 - 21:03

Hi, I love so much this software.

I would like to suggest a feature for drums notation.

What if instead o having to select what part of the instrument I want to notate with the letter N, it just automatically moving the mouse up and down after pressing N, detects the part I want to notate.

I mean, I press N, it appears the window with the notation and then I select Hi-Hat and with eight notes fill the bar, then I move down and the mouse pointer changes the hi-hat for the first tom automatically, and if I move again down, the mouse pointer changes for the snare drum, etc. This way we can work faster and just have to select what figure we need.



That's not a bad idea! But do note, you can already get this, just enter any note at all and then the arrow keys will cycle through the other possible notes. Also note that in general, using the keyboard shortcuts A-G is usually the fastest way to enter notes.

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