Should we use notes accordingly to its key signature or its cadence?

• Dec 16, 2019 - 15:28

I might be asking something stupid, I haven't complete my music theory basics yet after all..

For the first image, should I use B Double Flat or A Natural? Which one is fundamentally correct? There's no B Double Flat in G Flat Major/E Flat Major so it's troubling me.
As for the second one at Bar 37, should it be E Double Flat & F Flat or D Natural & E Natural on the left hand? What about the right hand, should the main vocal (red arrow) be B Double Flat or A Natural?

The song I'm arranging is this from a game, though I'm arranging its Game Size version and not the full version :

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The best answer always depends on context, so it's hard to give absolutes. But in general, if the note in question is a chord tone of the prevailing harmony, it's usually best to spell it correctly.

For the first example, the piece is in Db major, the chord is the iv chord - Gbm - so spelling Bb is the correct spelling, and messing up the spelling of a triad often makes it harder to read (imagine a D major triad being spelled D-Gb-A).

Second example in Gb, and again, we have a iv chord - Cbm. So the correct spelling is Bbb at the beginning of the bar. But it's much less clear what the harmonic function is for the next chord - the one with the Fbb in the bass. So here I'm less inclined to worry about clarifying the spelling of the chord, since the chord itself is unclear. And I'd probably go with the E etc. But if it were my piece, I'd probably be bothered enough to think harder about what that function actually is...

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Thanks for answering my problem.
It looks like I heard the chords wrong.. I've changed it, hope it now makes sense. Is this correct? I think it should be E Double Flat because the previous bar behind this current bar's bass note is F.

Edit : Would you like to have the entire sheet? I've completed the arrangement after all but I haven't publish it yet.

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Not quite sure what the concern is, but no worries, posting it here is only in case someone wants to help you out with the analysis, it isn't really going to be seen by any but the very technically curious. But to be clear - it's not the video anyone who was interested in helping you out would want - they would want the actual MSCZ file.

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This may sound arrogant.. For context, I used to distribute my all types of files on my SheetHost profile including MIDI and MSCZ. But I noticed there were other people literally taking my MIDI file and posting it onto their YouTube channel. That's why I was hesitant on sharing the files.

I'll remove the file within the next 8 hours or so.

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