MS Audio files/CD Burning

• Dec 23, 2019 - 15:31

I keep getting the whole file onto a CD. All I want is to burn a disc that has ONLY the MS audio file, in other words, a recording that can be played on any CD player. I did it once before but was a long time ago Don't recall how I did it. I am wondering if you are supposed to save/ex[port the MS file as an MP-3 file or a wav file, etc? I DID look this up in the Handbook but all I got was an endless series of pages to click on. Don't see where to find . Thank You


For the record: MuseScore will happy create a WAV file. Then you need to find some other program to burn an audio CD from that WAV file. Probably your computer came with at least one such program. But you'll need to consult the documentation for your computer to learn more about that, it's nothing that MuseScore has anything to do with.

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