Can I view my download history?

• Dec 27, 2019 - 05:37

Hello, friends.

I have downloaded a few hundred scores over the years, and there is one in particular that I no longer have. I would like to download the same version by the same arranger as I did years ago, but, as I do not remember the arranger's name, the only way I know to do that is to look through all fifty versions, one by one, until I find the one that looks the same.

Is there a way to access my own download history, so that, when I see the title, knowing that it was probably the only version I downloaded, years ago, I will know exactly which version to download this time, also?


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Wow, JeeTee. I had no idea that there were separate fora running simultaneously like that. To be respectfully honest, it has always been very hard for me to find and navigate to the right main list of topics to ask my questions on any MuseScore site, (probably because I did not recognize the fact that there were two separate entities), so I can imagine the trouble will be compounded by the fact that there are two. I will try to make bookmarks, once I get the two straight...

It seems that this one is for program questions?

And this one is for upload/download questions?

Come to think of it, I don't think I have really had questions about the scores until now, so I must have hit the right spot, each time, until now.


In reply to by ErikJon is the site where scores are posted, played, and discussed. is where the desktop application is posted, downloaded, and discussed. Different teams in different countries staff the two different sites.

If the score was posted many years ago, there's a good chance the person who posted it has vanished, and with him or her, all his or her scores.

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I have never been able to understand why some users upload the same score in different stages, such as one version that has only the first half of the first verse of a song, and then another version that includes the whole first verse and the chorus, and then another version that includes all verses and the chorus, etc. Excuse my ignorance, but, who needs an incomplete version of any song?

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I've at times (not regularly) done such things, not for "songs", but for lengthy classical movements or compositions of my own in progress. I don't post for the "merchandise shelf", but for friends of mine who follow my work and might be interested in the beginning of something very unusual (more likely repertoire than my own work, in these cases), and follow the work as it proceeds. But I do not do that often, because the re-post when complete will not be noticed by people following either me or a group I post to.

Also, often, I upgrade scores I posted years ago because of better technology, in two cases, the use of Virtual Pipe Organs, and plugin-mediated articulation, both of which make no difference to what the score looks like, but everything to what it sounds like. In these cases, I de-post from the group and re-post, usually with two years or more separating.

For me, is a venue for my work as a composer, arranger, and putative theorist, not a store to which I can sell (for negative money!) merchandise. I know that people who come here looking for merchandise pay the bills.

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I see. Well, I guess I do not yet understand all the services offered by this website, so that would explain my ignorance on this issue.

Although I have seen many simple, pop songs appear online in varying stages from the same user, and some of them even bear "unfinished" in the title and then later, "final," so I cannot imagine that anyone would use something so simple in an unfinished state. Many of them even have the notes all wrong, anyway, so I thought that they must be uploading them for the sake of a few select friends only, or a teacher somewhere, but I have to open them and listen before realizing how useless they are for my own purposes. They do not even remove the unfinished previous versions before publishing the final version.

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From an answer I posted in another discussion:

When I first came here, this was a site for composers and arrangers to display their creations, not a "music store" for people to harvest free content or even purchase music. Many people post scores of music they like, from meticulously, knowledgeably edited classical works up to and including entire symphonies of Beethoven, to fervent but not-very-knowledgeable kids posting their own versions of pop songs, very often just the beginning until they get bored, or full of inaccuracies (wrong notes, harmonies, rhythm, words, etc.). If you ask for the name of a popular song, you will find 50 essentially worthless scores (from the viewpoint of a visitor looking for "product"), although doubtless highly valuable to the person who posted it. A jukebox in an old diner had a couple of hundred official releases of popular songs: when you pressed a button on a jukebox, you got the renowned recording of the song you asked for. That's not what this site is.

There is no content control, curation, or "product manager" (of content) here. No "product line", no "shelves", no "merchandise". There is no one who vets scores to make sure they are accurate, or anoints an "official version" of a score. This is a score bulletin board where anyone can post anything they want (if not indecent or illegal). There is no way to locate a "reliable" "version" of a composition, be it pop song or classical masterpiece. That's not what this site does. In fact, accurately transcribed "sheets" of in-copyright popular music are exceedingly rare, and even they rarely reflect the performance famiiar from recordings.

This is "catch as catch can". The site has no responsibility to host accurate versions of anything, to choose any, or to vet. Users have no responsibility to post accurate scores of repertoire, or "quality compositions" whatever that means. This is a score bulletin board with discussion groups which can tag scores.

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