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• Dec 27, 2019 - 15:51

I couldn't find anything in preferences relating to text fonts.
Now for every title etc I have to go to Format --> Style --> text styles --> title etc and change the default font
but since it is done for a specific score it doesn't change the default
so how to I get rid of the program default text font
thank you


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This is rreally a disappointing solution.
Now every time I open musescore I have to add style.
The purpose of preferences is to avoid this extra loading.
I was a programmer for over 30 years. How difficult it is to add text font change to the preferences, or in
general --> program start --> add option to load my style
I know that the main thing is notes and everything related to music and text is marginal but....
thank you

Also, instead of changing the style in your preferences, it might be better to just save a template, then you also get the selection of instruments and other aspects of the score that you might want to repeat a lot.

Regarding fonts, do keep in mind that if you intend to share you score with others (as an actual score, not just a PDF), they will need to have the same fonts. So be careful about using non-standard fonts as your defaults.

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Creating templates is as simple as saving a score to your Templates folder.

By non-standard I don’t mean bizarre, I mean anything not guaranteed to be available on all systems with MuseScore. Not sure what you find objectionable Scott FreeSerif, but it is the only serif font guaranteed to be available.

Musescore > Preferences > General tab. From there look for the "Theme" section, under which you should see "Font face." Click the dropdown and you can select any font for Musescore.

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it is the preferences for this program but contrary to other programs it does not stay and the next time I open
musescore I'm with the default font
an easier way I suggestedin the past is to add the option of preferred style in the general screen or opening screen alomg with title etc
not so difficult to program

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Except that it does (save the application font in Preferences).
What Operating System? By chance Linux and an AppImage? If so the permissions might be setup wrongly and prevent preferences in general to get saved.

But indeed the score fonts are not saved as preferences, they are part of the score, not the MuseScore settings.
You can setup and use a template, or setup a style file and load that into new scores, or even by default via Preferences and that way override the builtin score defaults

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I'm in windows 10 pro
and text fonts are not saved. I was worried about them and nothing helps except creating style and loading it each time.
changing the preferences for text does not stay the next time I open musescore
it would be easy to do it or to add a question in the new score wizard.
I didn't try to handle the problem with template but it looks like using my style i.e. I'll have to load the template each time I open musescore

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On 12/28/19 you wrote:
How difficult it is to add text font change to the preferences...
and recently:
...text fonts are not saved. I was worried about them and nothing helps except creating style and loading it each time.

Have you set your style as default using: Edit > Preferences > Score > Style...?

Also, to be clear, the "Theme" section mentioned by 5ScorpioCHyxhe refers to fonts as displayed in MuseScore's user interface and does not apply to fonts contained within a score.

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True, but for the record, he actually gave you that same answer several months ago, in, and I then followed by pointing out that even better might be to save the score as a template so you can also reuse instrument settings etc. We didn’t realize you didn’t see that to begin with. But the rest of the discussion since then was about something different - the font used in the program UI itself(menus, etc).

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you are right again as always Mr. Sabatella.
probably, being a newbie I did not understand this suggestion than, but I do now.
As for template: I created one but didn't find in the preferences where I load it be default.
And one more difference is that loading a template implies setting key and time signatures that are not as permanent as text fonts.
finally setting style in the preference means that I open musescore and have what I want and a template is something I have to load.

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?? The wizard allows you to chose the template
Somehow I have the feeling you don't know what I'm talking about, see, a template is a normal score that you set up to your linkings and store in the template folder, to then create new scores after that template (picking it in the wizard), using its style and instrument setup but none of its content

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I think you are confused about what templates are and how they work You don't need to load them. You simply select the template right there in the new score wizard when you create a new score. So if currently you are usually selecting the Grand Staff template, or the Classical Orchestra template, or whatever, you would simply choose your new template instead it will be right there at the top of the list. That happens before you select the key and time signature, which you always do in the following pages of the new score wizard. So it does not add any steps to the process at all, it is already part of the process.

But as I mentioned, it makes sense only if you commonly write music for the same type of instrumentation - always solo SATB choir music, or marching band music, or whatever. Because the style you specify as the default won't be applied to the existing templates. That is why you would need to make sure you create your own custom template. Your style default preference is only applied if you use the "Choose Instruments" option in the new score wizard to select instruments individually, and that makes sense only if you are literally writing for a different ensemble every time you start a new score. I almost never use that option, I use start from a template then add to or delete from it as needed.

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